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Massive online live classes with thousands of users

What is A-VIEW?

A-VIEW is a Video Conferencing based Distance Education tool that connects one teacher with tens of thousands of students live. A-VIEW is installed in over 12,000 higher education institutes all over India and is currently used for large scale teacher training programs lead by IIT Bombay. A-VIEW has won several national and international awards in education technology.

A-VIEW Classroom


A-VIEW can be used as a Versatile E-Learning Platform for setting up online:

  •         Classrooms with Real-time Audio-Video
  •         Meetings
  •         Training & Workshops
  •         Conferences
  •         On Any Platform
  •         On Any Device
Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi interacting with Skill Centers using A-VIEW

  •         On Any Device
A-VIEW Lite- Quiz and Poll with instant results

AVIEW Features 

A-VIEW is an advanced multi-modal, multi-platform, collaborative e-learning solution which allows an instructor to teach or interact with a large number of learners transcending geographies on a real-time basis through live audio video streaming and synchronized content sharing.

A-VIEW allows the instructor to perform live evaluation of the learners and to get real-time feedback from attendees on the go.

A-VIEW can also act as an online meeting tool that can support online social collaboration and interactions with multiple users from various locations simultaneously.

  1. Live Interaction

2. Content Collaboration

3. Record and Playback

How to use A-VIEW?

A-VIEW Usage

  • Central Govt. adopts A-VIEW for Skill Development

Watch A-VIEW Promo Video 

  • A-VIEW Programmes in India: 11,000 Institutions

Recognitions for A-VIEW

  • FICCI Excellence Technology Award 2016
  • CISCO Excellence in Technology Award